Call For Abstracts

Over the last decade, distributed systems have pervaded our daily life, and are nowadays interconnecting users at a planetary scale. As a consequence, users expect from these systems multiple key properties at once, such as robustness, availability, safety, and efficiency. It is particularly challenging to build systems that provide all these properties. A strong community research effort is necessary to make significant advances towards planetary-scale distributed services. The key aim of this workshop will be to bring together researchers and practitioners from the large-scale distributed systems community. The goal is to discuss about the current state of the art, emerging challenges and trends, as well as novel solutions, implementation and deployment of large scale, and in particular of planetary-scale or geo distributed scale systems and applications. The workshop will be organized to favor interactions between participants, feedback from the attendees on presented work and ideas, and networking between members of the large-scale and dependability communities.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

W-PSDS 2018 aims at being a forum for the discussion of ideas and interaction between its participants. All abstracts will be shared with all participants of W-PSDS and SRDS before the workshop. However, they will not be published online without the explicit consent of the authors, in order to prevent any problem for future publication.

Important Dates

Abstract Submission July 13, 2018
Notification to authors July 27, 2018
Workshop October 2, 2018

Submission Guidelines

Abstracts submission should be made through EasyChair. Prospective participants are asked to submit a talk abstract of at most 1 page. Descriptions of work-in-progress and open questions are particularly encouraged, as well as reflections on past line of works and experience reports. Authors are invited to identify a number of open questions (typically 3-5) related to their work that caused them special problems or that they think are relevant to the rest of the community. The program will devote sufficient time for these questions to be discussed at the workshop.


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